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This project along the Famicom clear logos one were the most intensive I have ever done, but still, it was a pleasure to make as the NES has a very special place in my heart and each cart I made brought me awesome memories. 

The entire set is 100% accurate to the original games (you will have grey, gold, green, blue, red, special, prototypes, unreleased; all types of carts made from real photos). 

There are some variations I made for some carts (as some games had more than one release/version). These are located in the Extras folder and labeled with an ALT/ALT2 at the end of their filenames. Surf around as maybe you find an ALT version you like more than the original one. Be aware though that I did not put too much effort on the alternate versions, so you might find low res stickers in there.

The total pack goes over 1,000 carts!

A special Thank You goes to:
@juniorunderground for some of the FHD stickers I worked with
@Wally Wonka for the special carts base pack
@Aorin for the legendary task of scavenging HQ images for the latest badge! 


I put all my love into its making, so I hope you like it :) 


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