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    • 09/18/2016

    yes here is the video from the show and trust me if I have more time, I would at least play crazy taxi (which I was terrible at) But again limited time to play anything because real life interferes with everything. There is not much more I can say really other it is entertaining. I really need more time to sort everything but that's never going to happen unless its on a weekday and most of all my wife can sort out the kids. But time I got was interesting and I couldn't wait to just jump in hence why I played crazy taxi. I'll try and do a better one next month. Anyways I will try and workout a plan for you guys during my next article and yes I will transfer RANDOM GAME! from the 3rdlevel.net to here now. But if you are in the London area during this time when the next one is showing I'll put a heads up for those of us in the UK. thats it for now but if you want a closer look

    look at their website


    they also are on google and facebook.

    They have a discord as well but you will be able to find it on your own.



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