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    HyperSpin 1.3 Update Release

    • 12/25/2012

    After more than two years, BadBoyBill has released a major update to HyperSpin. Version 1.3 was released about an hour ago with many improvements users have been waiting for. For us here at EmuMovies, one of the most anticipated features has finally been added, MP4 support!!! Now users can use our MP4 video snaps vs the lower quality and insanely bloated FLV format. In the thread over at the HyperSpin forums BadBoyBill even mentions that version 1.4 may be out in a week or so with even more requested features, as well as any bug-fixes (if any) that are needed from this update. Continue reading for a full list of what was updated as well as download links.

    This update includes HS and HQ 1.3, these are just 2 exe's you can overwrite your current exe's with. This won't effect your current setups.


    • Added mp4 support
    • Added wheel smoothing for crisper wheel graphics and text.
    • Updated flash player to 11.
    • Added last system support when restarting HyperSpin.
    • Tried to fix sound issue (untested)
    • Added PCLauncher support for HyperLaunch.

    Release Thread and Download Link

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    User Feedback

    Don't make the mistake I did, 1.0 as shown in the HS download section will not work with the EM MP4's.. you will need 1.3....

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    Correct but you should install the main one first then update. Same goes for hyperhq

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    How is it not easily accessible, it's in the hyperspin download section right next to the installer.

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