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  • Watara Supervision Video Snaps Released (v2.0)


    Today we over here at EmuMovies are happy to announce a brand new video snap set for the Watara Supervision.  This new pack includes 66 video snaps as well as a new default platform video and gameplay and title snapshots.   Continue after the previews for details and links.


    Video Snap Sample (High Quality)


    Platform Video Sample (High Quality)


    Videos Added - 66 @DamnedRegistrations

    • 2 in 1 - Block Buster + Cross High (USA, Europe)
    • 2 in 1 - Hash Blocks + Eagle Plan (USA, Europe)
    • Alien (USA, Europe)
    • Balloon Fight (USA, Europe)
    • Block Buster (USA, Europe)
    • Brain Power (USA, Europe)
    • Bubble World (Asia)
    • Carrier (USA, Europe)
    • Cave Wonders (USA, Europe)
    • Challenger Tank (USA, Europe)
    • Chimera (USA, Europe)
    • Chinese Checkers (USA, Europe)
    • Classic Casino (USA, Europe)
    • Climber (USA, Europe)
    • Crystball (USA, Europe)
    • Dancing Block (Asia)
    • Delta Hero (USA, Europe)
    • Dream World (USA, Europe)
    • Eagle Plan (USA, Europe)
    • Earth Defender (USA, Europe)
    • Fatal Craft (USA, Europe)
    • Final Combat (USA, Europe)
    • Galactic Crusader (USA, Europe)
    • Galaxy Fighter (USA, Europe)
    • Grand Prix (USA, Europe)
    • Happy Pairs (USA, Europe)
    • Happy Race (USA, Europe)
    • Hash Blocks (USA, Europe)
    • Hero Hawk (Asia)
    • Hero Kid (USA, Europe)
    • Honey Bee (USA, Europe)
    • Jacky Lucky (USA, Europe)
    • Jaguar Bomber (USA, Europe)
    • John Adventure (USA, Europe)
    • Journey to the West (Asia)
    • Juggler (USA, Europe)
    • Kabi Island - Gold in Island (USA, Europe)
    • Kitchen War (Asia)
    • Kung-Fu Street (Asia)
    • Linear Racing (USA, Europe)
    • Magincross (USA, Europe)
    • Majong (Asia)
    • Matta Blatta (USA, Europe)
    • Olympic Trials (USA, Europe)
    • P-52 Sea Battle (USA, Europe)
    • PacBoy & Mouse (USA, Europe)
    • Pacific Battle (Asia)
    • Penguin Hideout (USA, Europe)
    • Police Bust (USA, Europe)
    • Popo Team (Asia)
    • Pyramid (USA, Europe)
    • Recycle Design (Asia)
    • Scaffolder (Asia)
    • Soccer Champion (USA, Europe)
    • Sonny Xpress! (Asia)
    • Space Fighter (Asia)
    • SSSnake (USA, Europe)
    • Super Block (USA, Europe)
    • Super Kong (USA, Europe)
    • Super Pang (Asia)
    • Tasac 2010 (USA, Europe)
    • Tennis Pro '92 (USA, Europe)
    • Thunder Shooting (Asia)
    • Treasure Hunter (USA, Europe)
    • Untouchable (Asia)
    • Witty Cat (Asia)


    Grab the new video snaps immediately via:

    EmuMovies Website (SQ Only)

    Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ)

    EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ)

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