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    Just added Pack 3 to the Nintendo Entertainment video snaps collection.  This update brings the set to version 1.6 and adds 36 video snaps to the collection.  This brings the total count on the NES set to 1,085.  Thanks to DamnedRegistrations for the captures.





    Videos Added - 36 @DamnedRegistrations

    • Action 53 - Volume ONE (World) (Unl)
    • Action 53 - Volume TWO (World) (Unl)
    • Adan y Eva (Spain) (Unl)
    • Assimilate (USA) (Unl)
    • Block Out (USA) (Proto)
    • Booky Man (Spain) (Unl)
    • Chase (World) (Unl)
    • Corre Benny (Spain) (Unl)
    • Cosmos Cop (Spain) (Unl)
    • Driar (Europe) (Unl)
    • El Bloque Magico (Spain) (Unl)
    • El Destructor (Spain) (Unl)
    • El Monstruo de Los Globos (Spain) (Unl)
    • Exerion II (USA) (Proto)
    • Gluk The Thunder Warrior (Spain) (Unl)
    • Happily Ever After (USA) (Proto)
    • Happy Camper (USA) (Proto)
    • Jet-Paco (Europe) (Unl)
    • La Alfombra Magica (Spain) (Unl)
    • La Gran Aventura Submarina (Spain) (Unl)
    • La Guerra del Golfo (Spain) (Unl)
    • Legend of Zelda, The - Outlands (World) (Hack)
    • MultiDude (World) (Unl)
    • NES Virus Cleaner (USA) (Unl)
    • NeSnake 2 (USA) (Unl)
    • Nomolos (USA) (Unl)
    • Policeman (Spain) (Unl)
    • Robert Byrne's Pool Challenge (USA) (Proto) (Unl)
    • Study Hall (USA) (Unl)
    • Sudoku (World) (Unl)
    • Super Painter (World) (Unl)
    • Tanque (Spain) (Unl)
    • Tiger Jenny (World) (Unl)
    • Tower of Radia (USA) (Proto)
    • War on Wheels (USA) (Proto)
    • Wonderland Dizzy (Europe) (Proto) (Unl)


    EmuMovies Official Video Snap Collection for the Nintendo Entertainment System

    Standard Quality - Site, FTP, Sync  High Quality - FTP, Sync

    If you would like to help make this collection better, please submit missing or replacement media in our Submissions Area

    EmuMovies Nintendo NES Download Section


    Edited by Circo

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