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    4. Old Arcade Machine

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Old Arcade Machine

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Just a shot of my old arcade machine. Built this up a long time ago when I had no money, no tools, no skill. Had Lowes cut the MDF, borrowed a drill and put a bunch of junk parts in it I got from dumpster diving, trash collections or donations :)

The X-Arcade was from when I used to do reviews for htpcnews.com and the cabinet was built around it. Had to make it a slim profile cabinet as there really isn't much room for a full sized one.

Recently the 19" 4x3 LCD died and I had to replace it. Once that happened though the itch to rebuild using hyperspin really got to me and I had to start. Next cabinet will still be a slim profile but with many improvements.

I now have a garage full of tools, more experience with making stuff, and a garage full of materials to get me started. Currently I'm working on the PC side getting all the roms managed right, organized, movies and artwork downloaded, setting up hyperspin etc etc.

I'll post updates of the build as it starts.

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I like the slim profile, makes perfect sense in an indoor application. Are you planning on having a track ball (i.e. tankstick if you go with XGaming) on your next build?

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not sure on the control panel yet or what I want to incorporate. Track ball and a spinner are likely.... looking at either building my own control panel or if I can get the cash together quick enough getting a slickstick deal I seen.

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