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  1. Take a peak at the update log. http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=120067.0
  2. I thought about something similar. Not to educated with rasberry pi. Hmmm, mame run well in linux?
  3. Thanks nintari! I am building 3 more as we speak. Got 2 more laptops for 15 dollars each and all they needed was a hard drive and backlight inverter. Only cost me 30 more bucks to get them running. Check out, http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=120067.0 !!!
  4. Hi I am CoryDee. I work in electronics\computer repair and a bunch of other jam. Uhm, I like video games......And have been building bartop arcades. Converting old run down regular sized arcades into MAME cabinets. Here is my first build. http://emumovies.com/forums/index.php/topic/5453-bartop-arcade-mark-1/ nice to meet you all.
  5. Here is where I will post my build from start to finish on Bartop Mark 3, a 2 player Bartop arcade with Topgun 3 gun. Stay tuned.
  6. Here is model 2 of my bartop arcades built from yet another IBM thinkpad laptop. As I said in the post Mark 1, I suck at painting. I tried to paint it black and I did not like the look. Here is some shots of the Usb Joypad and underside of buttons. Excuse the dust as I was still in my workshop area. The power button is a bitch on these old IBM laptops, had to cut into the traces of the keyboard. Here is a shot of the laptop mounted to the screen support. Here is the fan. And here is the wiring to the Ac Adapter and powerbutton for laptop. I then added a power switch to turn off the power to everything, added a nice touch to it and saves power. The powerswitch also has an LED in it. Those green things are terminal strips I use to easily disconnect wires for servicing. A touch I think I will use frequently. Here is but a simple set-up for lighting my marquee. All power for the fan and light bulbs come directly from the ac charger. This is an issue because the bulbs are 12v and the ac outputs 16+ unregulated volts This is fixed by ading a voltage regulator I got from Radioshack for 4 bucks. It effectively reduces the voltage to 11.5 volts. Here are some back shots before the Powerswitch was in place. You can tell I went with contact paper =) Here are my mounted speakers I wired directly to the output of the laptop. Thought it needed a volume knob so to radio shack I went. Mounted and soldered in. Printed out a marquee real quick of one of my favorite games. And here are some final shots of the baby arcade. And finally here is Punch Out!! My next bartop I am building is going to be a 2 - player running on a slightly faster laptop. It will have N64 controller port, TopGun 3 wireless gun and other features I cannot remember right now. Thanks for looking. Will have a video uploaded shortly. Here is the link for Mark 3
  7. This is my first post here and Pictures\Video of my first build Here we have a bartop arcade I designed freehand and made from MDF. I then covered it in contact paper because I absolutely suck at painting MDF. Let me know what you think. I didn't take many pictures at first but here are some I like using cheap USB Gamepads from China. I can usually get them for about 4 bucks shipped. I then Solder on leads to the buttons, on my first one I just soldered driectly with no terminal strip. Here it is with the contact paper applied. Simple marquee in place behind some Plexi. Went to LA on buisness and a barkeep overheard me talking about it. Asked if I could bring it in. Hefeweizen Here is the link for Mark 2
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