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  1. almost be worht finding cheap 15" LCDs and getting some raspberri Pi units for $35.... might be another alternative if the cheap laptops become harder to find. would have to run linux though
  2. have to say still impressed with the cost, good solution for others out there!
  3. not helping the addicts out there....
  4. nintari

    Old Arcade Machine

    not sure on the control panel yet or what I want to incorporate. Track ball and a spinner are likely.... looking at either building my own control panel or if I can get the cash together quick enough getting a slickstick deal I seen.
  5. I feel your pain, I have a 14 year old boy and while his room is sometimes messy I also have a 12 year old girl (13 end of may) who's room is on par with your daughters..... if not worse. I have to cut internet & TV off, and take away phones daily to get them to clean up after themselves. I'd hate to see how they are at my EX wifes house since my EX was a lazy slob as well.......
  6. nintari

    New Build

  7. Hello World finally decided to stop procrastinating and rebuild my arcade cabinet. Just signed up and both dreading and looking forward to getting this project started! Here was my old cab first time I did anything like it, now I'm older wiser and have a garage full of tools! Mwahahhaha
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