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C64 Games that sync wrong videos.


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I have found that these games will sync the wrong movies when using hypersync. They all have similar names to other games that do sync the right movies. I was thinking maby this would be fixed if the correct snaps were uploaded for these games, So I'm making requests for these.


Castle of Terror (CP Verlag - Magic Disk 64) (Europe)
Frankenstein (CRL) (Europe)
Loco (Coplin Software) (USA)
Moon Patrol (Avalon Hill Microcomputer Games, Inc.) (USA)
Rats (Europe)


Also, this one keeps downloading a 0 kb video.

Hunchback II - Quasimodo's Revenge (Europe)


Thank you.

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Dime this will be a hypersync thing baddie will need to fix on hs side afaik.

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Yeah, maby. Not sure exactly how it works.

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