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[UPLOAD] All 863 vertical games (Parents only) MAME.xml (0.155)


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Lately I've been looking at PinballX and quickly noticed it has MAME support for displaying/launching games.


So I'm like, if one of my Displays will be vertical for playing Visual Pinball, then I might as well take advantage of it's MAME support and create a vertical game listing to enjoy those games on the same vertical display.


The setup wizard and setup process is extremely simple. There is not very much anyone can screw up trying to install this and make it work.

I can even give it more eye candy if I wish by associating artwork or it also has the ability to play .wav/.mp3 files matching the game you stop at on the wheel.

Anyway, if anyone cares to try out this FE that can utilize a vertical display. I've attached my current MAME.XML




The problem with the current videos for vertical games is they were not shot either running MAME on a vertical display with Rotate option enabled OR using portrait mode instead of landscape.


If this monstrous tack can be tackled, that would be wonderful :)




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OK I failed to notice "MAME Upscaled PinCab Vids" on the FTP so I shall give these a look :)

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Hello good afternoon. I know the thread is old, but please need that vertical screen MAME games XML file. If someone could upload it please. The links are broken. Thank you

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