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EmuMovies Server Maintenance Completed


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In rare form we have completed our Server changes in just over a day and I am happy to report all functionality is restored. The system affected the longest was our F.T.P. File Server and that has just come back online. There were some DNS changes so if you encounter a "Cannot connect to server error" in your FTP client you will need to manually flush your DNS cache.

Here is a link on how to easily Flush your DNS cache:


Apologies for the inconvenience, thanks for bearing with us while we performed this necessary maintenance.

Click here to view the article

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Shinta, the PX FTP is something else, I probably still need to set that up.  Our regular Emumovies FTP is running fine.  You should submit a support ticket.  Remember most common issue is not putting the @emumovies.com after your username or having special characters in your password ie: !@#$%^&*()

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