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FTP, and what does it REALLY give me? Title-art, I hope.


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Hi everyone,

I'm brand new to these forums, but I've been working on my Hyperspin setup for a little while now. I've managed to get just about everything up and running. Games and Emus I've setup thus far work like a dream.

However, I have a important question regarding the FTP & Hyperspin to ask anyone who will answer.

I want my hyperspin setup to be beautiful, and in order to do that I need wheel title art.

What I am refering to is when you choose your system (We'll choose N64), you are displayed a wheel full of your games. On this wheel, in the default setup you can see a beautiful title image for goldeneye, but every other game is a bland font title.

So what I am wondering, in essence, is does donating and gaining access to the FTP grant me access to this art? If so, I would gladly pay for the lifetime membership.

If not though, where on earth can I locate these images? I have done exhaustive searching on duckduckgo/google and have been unable to not only find the images, but any information stating I can aquire them via FTP...


I am pretty good in photoshop, but to make a title for every-single-game I own would take a tremoundous amount of tedious work.

Thanks in advance for your help guys. I look forward to becoming a more active member of this community as I tinker around and become more familiar with this amazing front-end.


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For hyperspin your pretty much just going to use our video content.  The artwork content thats made for that front end (wheels, formatted box, carts, themes) are all distributed through the hyperspin website.

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Sorry if I am too late, but I found the answer to this on a HyperSpin forum thread. It took me a while, too, and it requires a lot of unzipping, copying, and pasting.


Make sure you read post #4 on there.


Basically, the wheel art is located in every theme you download. It is named after the game's ROM name. Let's use this Mappy theme, for instance:


-Download that to your Hyperspin\Media\MAME\Themes folder and rename it as "mappy.zip", same as ROM name.

-Next, open "mappy.zip" and locate a file named "mappy.png" within the contents.

-Extract "mappy.png" to Hyperspin\Media\MAME\Images\Wheel

You're all set. You will have wheel art for Mappy next time you start Hyperspin.


And yeah, Hyperspin questions belong on the Hyperspin forums :P

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