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Sony PSP Video Snaps Added (61 Videos)


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Today I have added 61 video snaps for the Sony PSP on the FTP and Download Service. Still a long way to go on this set but a huge thank you to Riffman81 and Titanuss for these submissions. Hopefully more to come soon.

Videos Added:

  • 3rd Birthday, The (USA)
  • All Kamen Rider - Rider Generation 2 (Japan)
  • Ape Escape Academy (USA)
  • Ape Escape On the Loose (USA)
  • Black Rock Shooter (USA)
  • Bleach - Heat the Soul 7 (Japan)
  • Brave Story - New Traveler (USA)
  • Burnout Dominator (USA)
  • Castlevania - The Dracula X Chronicles (USA) (v1.02)
  • Crash of the Titans (USA)
  • Crash Team Racing (USA)
  • Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (USA)
  • Digimon Adventure (Japan)
  • Dissidia - Final Fantasy (USA)
  • Dissidia 012 (USA)
  • Dragon Ball Z - Shin Budokai 2 (Europe)
  • Dragon Ball Z - Tenkaichi Tag Team (USA)
  • Exit (USA)
  • Fairy Tail - Zelef Kakusei (Japan)
  • Final Fantasy III (USA)
  • Final Fantasy Type-0 (Japan)
  • Ghostbusters - The Video Game (USA)
  • Gitaroo Man Lives! (USA)
  • God Eater Burst (USA)
  • Great Battle Fullblast (Japan)
  • Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus (Japan)
  • Hot Shots Tennis (USA)
  • Hunter X Hunter - Wonder Adventure (Japan)
  • Kamen Rider - Super Climax Heroes (Japan)
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - Battle Arena 2 - Spirit Burst (Japan)
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - Kizuna no Tag Battle (Japan)
  • Kingdom Hearts - Birth by Sleep (USA)
  • Last Ranker (Japan)
  • Lord of Arcana (USA)
  • Medievil Resurrection (USA)
  • Mega Man - Maverick Hunter X (USA)
  • Mercury Meltdown (USA)
  • Metal Gear Ac!d (Europe)
  • Metal Gear Solid - Peace Walker (USA)
  • Mortal Kombat Unchained (USA)
  • Naruto Shippuden - Kizuna Drive (USA)
  • One Piece - Romance Dawn (Japan)
  • Phantasy Star Portable 2 (USA)
  • Pop'n Music Portable 2 (Japan)
  • Prinny (USA)
  • Pursuit Force - Extreme Justice (USA)
  • Rurouni Kenshin - Meiji Kenkaku Romantan Saisen (Japan)
  • Shining Ark (Japan)
  • Shining Blade (Japan)
  • Soul Calibur - Broken Destiny (USA)
  • Soul Eater - Battle Resonance (Japan)
  • Star Ocean - First Departure (USA)
  • Star Ocean - Second Evolution (USA)
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (USA)
  • Sunday vs Magazine - Shuuketsu Choujou Daikessen (Japan)
  • Toaru Majutsu no Index (Japan)
  • Tokobot (USA)
  • Toriko - Gourmet Survival (Japan)
  • Toy Story 3 (USA)
  • Ultimate Ghosts'n Goblins (USA)
  • Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 (Japan)

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Great job as the ppsspp emulator is getting better all the time.

Adding theese to my FE hoping to see more. Working on the titles and snaps for the set.

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10 hours ago, cyberx said:

For the life of me, I cannot find these snaps on the site..

They are on FTP and Sync but won't be added to the site until the set is finalized

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