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Camtasia Dosbox Window Capture


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I'm interested in performing some video captures of old dos games in Dosbox. The built in video capture doesn't seem to work. I followed the guides here and I am able to get camtasia to capture ok. However, it captures the title bar and the border as well when in window mode. If I go full screen mode and then capture in that mode dosbox is still recorded in a windowed mode, along with the rest of the screen.

Basically, I'm wondering if anyone knows how to capture just the contents of a dosbox window and not the title and border? I'd like to not have to crop in post as this will extend the time required to do this.



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You can submit with the cropping still needing to be done. We go through every submission for that anyway.

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Thanks.  I cannot create a folder in the upload area - it's saying access denied.  Could you setup a folder for my account: basis?


I'll post a few dos games in there.



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