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Commodore VIC-20 Updated (34 Videos)


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Vicman submitted some more captures to this already massive video snap set. This update brings us 34 new videos snaps. They can be found in the Download Area, F.T.P. File Server and Download Service.

Videos Added:

  • 3-D Man (1982)(Nufekop)[3k]
  • 3D Maze (198x)(VicSoft)
  • 8 Player Panic (2012)(Kananga)[24k]
  • Alien 2 (19xx)(-)
  • Alien Blitz (1981)(Audiogenic)(PAL)[a]
  • Alien Panic (1983)(Nufekop)
  • Alien Trooper (1985)(Koerber, Ronald)
  • Alpha Blast (1983-11)(Compute!)[type-in]
  • Amoeba (1983)(K-Tel)[8k]
  • Anti ISDA Warrior (2010)(Tzvetkov, Ventzislav)
  • Antimatter (198x)(ALA)
  • Arcade Football (1981)(Nufekop)
  • Arithmevic 1 (1982)(Wunderware)
  • Assault From The Deep (1983)(K-Tel)
  • Assteroyd Dodger (2010)(Melick, Rick)
  • Asteroid Patrol (1982)(Audiogenic)[magnificent 7 compilation]
  • Asteroids (1986-03)(Markt & Technik)(de)[64'er Magazin Sonderheft][type-in][8k]
  • Atom Shoot (1985-10)(Compute!)[Compute!'s Gazette][type-in]
  • Attack (1985-06-28)(Hebdogiciel)(fr)[f][type-in]
  • Attack of the Slime Creatures, The (19xx)(-)
  • Avoid (1982)(Lee, Darren)
  • Balloons (1983)(Compute!)[first book of vic games][type-in]
  • Balls to the Walls (2010)(Andrews, Jonathan)[16k]
  • Basketball (1985-04)(J.soft)(it)[Paper Soft][type-in]
  • Bat and Ball (1983)(Spectrum)
  • Battaglia Aerea (1985-10)(J.soft)(it)[Paper Soft][type-in]
  • Battle at Stonehenge (19xx)(-)
  • Battle Zone (1982)(Titan)
  • Battleship (1982)(Melbourne House)[innovative cassette 1]
  • Battleships (1982)(Audiogenic)[magnificent 7 compilation]
  • Berzerk-MMX+ (2011)(Hurst, Robert)[R10.30][16k]
  • Black Jack (19xx)(Denial)
  • Blowup (1982)(Nufekop)
  • Sprite Invaders (2010)(Hurst, Robert)[R11.28][8k]

EmuMovies DSU 1.99
Last Updated Apr 01 2013 04:04 PM

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