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11/13/09 Status Update on Server Move


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Here is the current status of our Move to our new server and additions to the site:

The move of the site to our new server has been completed. I am happy to announce that all ftp accounts transferred over intact and that system should now be available. The downside was that because we were at 98% capacity on the old server the only way to create and transfer the backup was to delete almost all of the FTP content to make room. Now that the move is complete I have already started re-uploading the content and hopefully within 7 days everything will be as it was. I do apologies for the temporary unavailabilty of some content but trust me it was worth it. It looks like all of the “active mode” problems and continuous file transfer errors have been resolved and with the increased speed you should see more stable transfer rates. Plus we now have 3 times the file storage capacity which was was prompted the move.

There are also a ton of broken download links on the site, these will also be corrected over the next week. I hope to soon replace the links with our new Download Manager in the forums but I am currently working with ipboard support to iron out a few problems. I made the mistake of having the forum hosted on their servers to save a little short term cash (the server move pretty much broke me) but it seems that was a bad idea, if we cant resolve the issue of it connecting with the emumovies.com server I will just have to wait a little bit and purchase the forum software outright so that I can host it on my own server and avoid the issues of remote ftp. I will keep everyone posted on this (if you have been hedging on subscribing now is the time) icon_smile.gif

Rest assured that all will be better than back to normal in no time, I will keep everyone posted as we progress through this upgrade.

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FTP upload is now 20GB in at that rate it will be about 6 days until it's 100% back.

I made a huge mistake when I got the forum with hosting, I don't know what I was thinking. I am going to buy the license this weekend for the board and downloads section. I am going to have to let the gallery go for know I think but I may get it again later (it's $65 alone!)

Once I get that squared away I will be able to start populating the downloads section here on the forum, which is going to be soooo much eaiser to manage than the ftp in the long run. Not to mention a heck of a lot easier to use.

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