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(REQ Filled) Games incompatible with fraps


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I've run into a few games that I can't capture with fraps and I was wondering if some one could try to capture them with a different tool (Camtasia?).  There's no rush on them, I just wanted to post the request here while they're fresh in my mind.


Sony Playstation:

Rapid Reload (PAL):  It's known as Gunner's Heaven in Japan.  It's a run 'n gun game similar to Treasure's Gunstar Heroes, developed by the team behind the Wild Arms series.  I couldn't get the game to run with a hardware mode plugin without a lot of artifacting.  It seems to work flawlessly with Peops software mode plugin 1.18 though (using the emulator pcsx-r 1.9.92), but fraps is unable to capture video with this plugin.


Super Famicom:

(For the three games below, I'm referring specifically to the fan translated versions, translated using the Full Transation patches from romhacking.net)


FEDA: The Emblem of Justice (Japan):  The game ran for me without issue in snes9x; however, the audio contained clicking sounds.  From the submission guidelines, it sounds like that's an issue with fraps.


Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun (Japan):  This game is part of the Kunio-kun series which includes games like Renegade, River City Ransom and Super Dodgeball.  This game (at least the patched version) only appears to run in ZSNES, which isn't recorded by fraps.


The Magical Land of Wozz (Japan):  This game also appears to only run in ZSNES, which again, can't be recorded by fraps.

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