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4/3 Pin Videos in the same Style like Fullscreen Videos?


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Hallo Circo

Is it possible that you can make this Videos for the 4/3 Pins in the Same Style as the Fullscreen Videos?

That i can only see on the Video the Playfield, the same Style like the Visual pinball Video Snaps (HyperPin/Full Screen!

Evel Knievel


Hot Tip

Jungle Lord

Lucky Seven

Mr. & Mrs. Pac Man

New Stars Phoenix


Solar Fire

Split Second

Star God

Star Wars Trilogy


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That would be a whole new set, so I probably won't tackle that myself. Are there standard 4:3 videos of these (with gameplay?)

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Good evening

No no without gameplay only the table with Light show like your other FS Videos...

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Currently Im only doing Full Screen Videos of Full Screen Tables, I don't want to start mixing up the sets, sorry.

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Can you give me a Tip how can i make this couple of Videos by my own and what for a Freeware programm i can use for it?


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okay circo, and what for programm can i use so i search a used one.......

Is it possible to do this videos as a newbee?

I need only this couple of videos so my pinball setup is finished after 2 years...

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Hi Zauche

What you mean about the hardware Solution?

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Avermedia makes an awesome game capture device, it's what I'm using for pinball, ps2, and the newer systems where fraps struggles. The only bad part about it is once I'm done recording I have to convert to an editable format after capture and re sync the audio. Although for making non play vids of 4:3 tables its unnecessary.

Fraps is the best software solution, but its not freeware (though you can find it easy enough). Hypercam 3 is the best 2nd choice when fraps doesn't work, though you really have to play with the settings for best results. And camtasia.... Stay away at all costs.

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@Newer: hardware solution like Circo said...

@Circo: What's the output format of the "Avermedia Live Gamer HD" ?

I also do video cutting for myself as a hobby....

Would be interested if Edius 6 is capable of reading this format and if Audio/Video is synchron.

Could you please upload a short example onto the emumovies server ?

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