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Facebook logins and other little stuff


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Hi everyone, I am just returning from 2 weeks vacation and we have a few issues to sort out. Currently facebook logins are down but this should be resolved in about 24 hours. I have to redo the app that facilitates this. I am also woefully behind on news items and such. I have added a ton of new vids since the last update. And Hypersync and Emu Control Center have both added EmuMovies integration which is fantastic.

I have a ton of catch up on my plate today plus I am recording another podcast so busy busy.

I'll give you this one tidbit to hold you over ;) Supporting members go grab the new dreamcast vids....NOW :) These are great as I added/replaced 297 videos using my new capture hardware and they are fantastic!

Also I have 300 new PS2 vids I just need to edit and a slew of submissions to get through in the next week. So stay tuned, we have lots of fun stuff going on around here!

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Little late here, but I hope your vacation was great. You deserve the R&R with all the work you put in around here. :)

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