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Errors in several video previews (Outrun 2006 and Peggle)


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Hey guys!

I was installing Outrun 2006 - Coast 2 Coast and when I downloaded the video preview from the FTP I noticed that it was really a Peggle video preview, then I though, well maybe the names got mixed and Peggle is Outrun, but thenI noticed more mistakes:

Outrun 2006 is really Peggle nights deluxe

Peggle Nights Deluxe is really Peggle World of Warcraft Edition

Peggle World of Warcraft Edition is really Penumbra Black Plague

I'm still looking for the video preview for Outrun 2006, if anyone else has it, I would appreciate if you can link me to it.


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I'll be working on emumovies stuff thru the weekend and all next week. Ill try to get these fixed

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