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Mame movie set white noise problem?

Guest trnzaddict

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Guest trnzaddict

Hey Circo, I finally got some time this weekend to play my cab for a prolonged period. Anyway I ftp'ed the 480p Mame set over.

I'm not trying to be a douche, but scrolling through Hyperspin I noticed quite a few games with a loud white noise for sound in the preview movies. The games have sound in Mame though. I don't know if you batch encode them and there was a glitch but dude there are like 50+ games with this problem. Alot definetly in the letter S.

Sea Wolf

Sexy Boom

just to name a few.

I thought maybe there might of been a transfer error when the ftp carried them over but I just took a couple of the same movies that have this problem from the ftp today and it's still there.

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