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Download Utility newbie question: I'm starting my project


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Hi ! A bit of context first.

Old-school gamer enthousiast here who has set his mind in setting up his own emulator box for the living room. This project is a long-term plan for me: beside subscriptions here and to probably GameEx, I plan to buy a Zotac Z-Box and a new TV (still having an old CRT right now). Before the spending phase, I'm doing an experimentation phase to validate that I am able to make this work the way it's supposed to be.

Now, I have been using emulators for a long time, so I'm just starting to experiment with the other tools that I will need to master to make this all come true. I will first try GameEx, as I may want to set-up my box has a media center too. Hyperspin looks great though, so I'm not rejecting it altogether at this point...I'm just starting with what seems simpler.

The other tool I've started to fiddle with is, obviously, the EmuVideos Download Utility, to ease the media management required for what I call "ROM dressing". After a harsh first use where I was a bit lost, my head is slowly wrapping around it.

My first test was done using my NES collection. I figured out many titles didn't receive their corresponding picture after downloading the snaps and box art. Looking at another topic on this forum, I understood it may be because the ROM names aren't matching exactly the No-intro standard (which I discovered this week). My concern is toward the process of having the correct ROM names to be able to efficiently use the Download Utility. Do I have to manually rename every ROM ? Seems like dozens of clerical work hours ahead of me if so.

I'm a bit confused as you see. There is no tutorial for someone starting almost from scratch like me, so I'm doing the see-as-you-go thing and will probably come ask questions when I'm stuck.

Thank you in advance and a nice day to you all.


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The utility does have a built in renamer but there is only so much it can do, here is a tutorial on using clrmamepro a rom management utility which takes all that clerical work out of the equation.


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Finally, couldn't get it to work so far.

At first, since my ROMS were separated in regional folders, I used the parent folder as my main path. Found out after that the folder was empty, so must be because clrmamepro doesn't search subfolders.

No worries I said to myself...on the next try, I've put the USA folder as the main path to see if this could at least be properly renamed. Again, after the process in the tutorial was over, the folder was empty. Seems it can't recognize any ROMS, so the software classified them as useless files and deleted them.

Thanks anyway for the tutorial, didn't know about this ....I will try to find another soft or another way to do this.

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