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4 rare missing games from psx


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I have found 4 rare japanese games that are missing from the psx videos. One of the titles Gunners Heaven was released in Europe with the title Rapid Reload. If anyone could make videos of these that would be awesome, If not its cool. Will just have to settle with the youtube made vids.

Missing Vids are:

Gradius Gaiden (JAP)

Gunners Heaven (JAP) / Rapid Reload (Europe)

Hermie Hopperhead (JAP)

Internal Section (JAP)

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I will add those to the list, currently there are hundreds missing from the psx set :)

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Ok thank you Circo, glad to know these and the others on the list will be getting done eventually. :cool:

Cant wait until my set is complete. Look forward to seeing the vids... cheers

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