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Hyperspin Files - Perhaps Put in Hyperspin FTP?


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Since the Hyperspin folks seem to be checking things out over here while upgrading their site, I thought I would make a polite request. Any chance you could put the following files up on the FTP (to which I already have access):

1. The actual Hyperspin installation files. I am replacing my cab PC and need to do a new install.

2. The documentation and "How To" videos. I found those really useful.

Just a thought.


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the site should be up within 48hrs i got told so i hope you will find what ya need.. i have no links as you know the site is down...i could send you hyperspin but i would have to leave certain files out due to themes , roms and artwork being big files...i will have a look around and see what i can do, somebody may have a backup hyperspin file...

if not just wait a few days and all ritches will come your way again..

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Hi, New here. I just discovered Hyperspin (looks great) and am in the process of downloading all of the MAME movies from the FTP server.

A couple of quick questions:

1) Will I be able to download all of the MAME themes (individual games) when the Hyperspin site is back up?

2) Is anyone interested in making a Tron Legacy style Hyperspin skin for MAME? I am prepared to pay for the design work :-)


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Madmorro - Thanks for the update and the offer. I can certainly wait (although it may feel like it, nobody is going to die from a lack of Mame goodness) so don't bother sending the file. No sense in going to the trouble.

mremulator - Yes, you can get the themes for Mame ROMs from the Hyperspin site (but, to be clear, not the ROMs themselves of course). The details of how to do it will be there (there is an FTP and an opportunity to donate, much like Emumovies). I want to say that I saw a Tron Legacy theme at one point, but I cannot be sure. I may have been dreaming. You will be able to check once things are back up and running.

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