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"Unable to login to Emumovies" from Launchbox



I have a problem while connecting to my emumovies account from the Launchbox client. So I am unable to connect to Steam/Epic and sync games libraries or download any media. The Emumovies desktop application would print a success message but still failing to login from LaunchBox (giving an "Unable to Sync to Emumovies").

I have reinstalled both programs multiple times and tried several solutions but none seem to work. However 0 problems accessing the accounts from other sources. I've tried accessing with a fresh-made account, and also have seen on the forum people having problems with long passwords so I changed both passwords to short number-and-letters-only passwords but nope. I've also tried reinstalling the OS and .NET drivers, doing tweaks to the registry and still the same. 

What I know for now;

-The problem do only occur inside of LB

-The program works as expected on other pc's

-It also does work from an isolated environment on target pc

-It just won't do it on target PC

-Also I am preferably rather not formatting my current build in a near future

Note: The thing is I've noted after I reinstall the Emumovies Sync program, it would know my account info and log me in automatically, so I guess some program files are being left somewhere in the pc after uninstallation and might potentially be the root of the problem. 

This is an issue I've been having since almost a year ago on my current setup so whatever might be of help is appreciated.

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