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Download Service Problem


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Hi all.

I am wondering if anyone can let me know if I'm doing anything wrong.

Basically, I ran a test with the download service by adding a few roms such as invaders, joust & joust2 into a temp directory and downloaded "All Artwork" to determine what types of files I really need to download for my remaining rom set.

Quite a few days later I finally decided to download the Adverts but out of many thousand of roms, was only able to download 31 adverts.

I then tried downloading "All Artwork" for Invaders, joust & joust2 again and no files were downloaded this time. The folders were generated and the text files were also generated advising I have the roms but no snaps, marquees or any other associated files were downloaded. I've been able to download many associated files for these roms in the past as stated above.

Any ideas or is the system down?

Many thanks :)

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Thanks Circo.

Just a few more questions then:

1) Are there only 31 adverts for thousands of games?

2) Is it possible to re-download items I have previously downloaded? If I knew the program would remember what I had downloaded and would refuse to allow me to access these files again, I would have been more careful in my file management?

Many thanks


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I cant duplicate these issues here and there are no such restrictions. Im downloading many more adverts than that. Did you also delete the missing and have text files?

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Hi tspiers.

Many thanks for trying and confirming you couldn't re-create the problem. That helped me realise the problem is at my end and helped me realise I belong in a circus (I am a clown).

Following your message, I tried again and noticed the Download Service program default was on AAE instead of Mame. (I've only ever used the Mame setting previously).

As the Download Service Utility remembers every other setting between uses, I didn't notice this one field had changed.

Interestingly, I have just successfully downloaded 2511 adverts for Mame. I then closed the program and re-opened it and it remembered all the previous settings. In some scenarios I believe the program forgets some settings causing my problem. If I work it out, I'll let you know.

Many thanks for your help.

Kind regards


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