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ABeezy's Nintendo Game Boy Box Fronts


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ABeezy's Nintendo Game Boy Box Fronts

Here to offer up my first set of the new year (2022)!!!

I am sharing my recently completed uniform high res box fronts, like my high res uniform Game Boy carts (which you can find here). The current Game Boy sets that I see out there are all compiled from different resources and include different sizes and varying qualities and even some incorrect/inaccurate box art. This set eliminates all of that. This set also has a uniform "GAME BOY" banner and equally sized images across the entire set. Included are all 501 NTSC box fronts. I have named them using the no-intro naming scheme. When dropping these in your Launchbox build. There are a few boxes that may not auto-load; you will have to manually update your game name in Launchbox using the alternate naming.

Its worth making a quick mention that to my knowledge and after searching high and low two games in this set ONLY were released as a "Player's Choice". Those games being The Smurfs & Mickey Mouse - Magic Wands! (There is fake are out there showing them with a standard box but many of the restoration sites back this information.)

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