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Reachout for someone who does boxart creation (for missing nes)


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Have been going through weeding down my NES collection this week based on year released and by publisher.

Being picky on what I keep some notables missing 2D EM 1.x packs if Circo or someone knows how to contact creator of these fine ones. Here's some titles that are notables that could really use additions even if they are hacked together. I googled online for existing ones and couldn't find any.

Choplifter (j)
Circus Charlie (j)
Dig Dug 1 (j)
Gradius 2 (j)
Mappy (j)
Pac-Land (j)
Yie Ar Kung Fu (j)

These are all in english just didn't have a world release. Just missing quality boxart the beautiful videos for them are included in the Famicom-Japan videosets.

Other notables missing attention to boxart are these unofficials:
Battlekid 1 - Fortress of Peril
Battlekid 2 - Mountain of Torment
*Above two are top knotch Homebrew releases where mockup boxes can easily be found online, just not here.

Pitfall! - The Unofficial Adventure
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
*Two homebrew remakes of Atari 2600 titles worth anyone adding into NES library. ET being a huge upgrade over native system.

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