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  1. With a lot of hype going on about streaming games to different devices in regards to playstation 4, wii u, and nvidia shield project. Was wondering has run across a feasible solution to set up a local gaming server to stream games to the living room? Could a pico or some other tv addon device do this? I could only find some two year outdated posts on google, and random reviews on android devices that say it's barely suited for movie playback. With affordable local home gigabit connectivity, i would think this should already be possible? In reality I suppose I could track down 100+ foot of hdmi cable and use a wifi usb hub for mouse/kb/gamepad. Also would like thoughts on media extenders. I know gameex was an extender device, and I had used media browser to transcode movies from pc to 360. They also came out with game browser ii, which I havent messed with. Something that is a simple slick gui ( like wiiflow on wii, freestyle dash for 360, steam big picture .. and what looks like ps4 is using a similar gui as steams ), and some how play games in my living room .. thats what I need <slam> here's my money
  2. Bigby: I just did that resolution on the spur of the moment. It needs the Front and Backporch settings tweaked .. which changes the amount of screen that gets cropped from Overscan. This is bLazer's project he can do what he wants, I retired last year from it after making a few hundred of them. There are so many of those games... that are just baaad. bLazer deserves a lot of credit for his dedication. Have you checked out the demobase collection? Man the demos groups have done in the last several years for 060 hardware and AGA are mindblowing. *edit - wow nice 400. Kudos to you Commodores are truly beautiful machines.
  3. You mentioned earlier "real amigas" had those extra borders and letterboxing. Was your old system hooked up to a VGA monitor? The reason people get squished game play even on real hardware is due to scandoubling plugging in to a VGA / LCD display at 31hz. This occurs even on real hardware. The 15khz resolution was 320x200 and 640x400. There was no 720 factor in it, that was a resolution for later TV broadcasting, not a computer resolution. When you use a Flickerfixer or other scandoubler to plug in a VGA display those 15khz game proportions get squished and will not fill the screen, which you are doing when you are enabling WinUAE's doublescan. Those modes were used for "productivity modes" in workbench applications. People using TV or RGB monitors had the intended gaming experience. If you run MAME in DirectDraw at 31hz, wrong resolutions, and no stretching you get the same issue, games not filling the screen or odd proportions, you are doing the same thing. It's not how they were intended to be played, full Width or Length. 1 minute in they discuss the resolutions, and this video from the early 1990's his videos are how I remember them. Full Screen. Differences in PAL and NTSC shouldn't be an issue either, as PAL just had the additional 100 scanlines at the bottom of the screen. On my arcade monitor I created a resolution of 320x200, with filters and stretching / resizing disabled in WinUAE. For both 60hz and 50hz modes the games filled the screen at 15khz. Gods is a perfect example that I see alot of people frankensteining the screen and gameplay is squished. BECAUSE OF DOUBLESCAN http://cdn.bitbucket...ds/DSC01417.JPG http://cdn.bitbucket...ds/DSC01410.JPG http://cdn.bitbucket...ds/DSC01424.JPG That is how Amiga games look, and someone is on crack if they say otherwise. There are plenty of enthusiasts out there who have done gameplay videos using a camera showing gameplay on a C=1084s RGB monitor, as well as people on Amigaworlds IRC channel to confirm this. WinUAE's internal video recorder still picks up overscanning from off screen, and after a year I have no clue on why you still include that, as I mentioned in my earlier post with screen shots Fraps picks up what the user see's on the screen only.. and a clean 4:3 image is handled. Dunno how you come up with 720, it was not a computer resolution but a film resolution. A native 640x400 resolution would have, and still does, give a clean full output. For the sake of Amiga fans, I hope Circo hires a team of Koreans to go back and crop out all that black mess you neglected to take care of. I am one happy camper, I have a a1200 on order woohoo \o/
  4. Nice. I was talking to the people on IRC in amiga channels, they said that was because of scandoubling. And on the a600 / a1200 models if you hold down both mouse buttons it toggles between PAL / NTSC boot mode so games fill screens. There is a ton of those a1200s on the co.uk ebay for around 50 pounds, I really want to get one.
  5. blazer: do you still have your amiga hardware? I pulled out my c128 the other day and forgot how music tempo for ntsc was sped up, especially after listening to radio streams online for so many years. I was wanting to add a a1200 to my collection, and people on the forums recommend importing the pal version. Well anyway I was watching some youtube videos of the Minimig from Amigakit, but what got me was how they had that garbage black letterbox at the bottom filling half the screen (like your videos) ... My NTSC amiga never did that, my games always filled the screen. Now I realize pal has the extra 100 vertical lines, but how does that work ? I read foreigners held down both mouse buttons if the game was ntsc and it filled the screen? I'm also concerned about the lower fps on pal (if I go that route) as I read the games were choppier and not as smooth as the 60fps ntsc hardware. What's your take on this from a pal perspective? I want music and demos to play at the slower speed, but I dont want that black on the screen. I see you are still not cropping out black overscan and it looks wierd on your hyperspin youtube videos. Those games are NTSC and thats not how they played, they filled the scree... and people who post footage of A1200 gameplay are all full screen (assuming they are .EU people)
  6. what else is needed to run this .exe ? Having an error while loading with ./system32/mscoree.dll . I uninstalled .net framework and re-installed the v2 service pack 1 that is on the gameex site
  7. Circo: nice to see you putting together a shopping list, will come in handy for one I want to put together soon. One thing that has really bugged me for the longest time is video judder on x264 playback. I've read countless guides and see many people striving to get their media center working properly as well. On htmpc forums people talk about tweaking to a 23.976 hz refresh rate, but the last two video cards I've had are locked out from Powerstrip. With nvidia's control panel I can do 25hz (which is still bad and the video jerks on panning shots on both my plasma tv and 60hz lcd) From what I understand ati is more configurable when it comes to media centers for tweaking to film frame rate ? Would love to see what you eventually come up with.
  8. not me, I got tired of fighting blazer being difficult to work with and moved on to other projects. I dont even know why he's uploading these .flv's if they are unfinished. Circo said he would have to go back and edit them himself to fix them, but blazer says he has the .avi's and wont share access to them to remove the pixel blackness at the bottom. It makes no sense of that being there, even if it was displayed full screen on lcd you have the large wierd borders and squished video. The big issue I had when converting his flv's back to avi, then software stretching, is the quality looked closer to 320x240 at that point. People use these videos as small thumbnails in FE's and makes even less sense to have that in there distoring the video at small sizes. As far as the question about full screen. Using Fraps there was no stretching filters applied, that's how it recorded so the pixels are 1:1 ratio giving crisp pixels. The reason his is larger is not because of any quality. It's because he did not change the frame rate to 30 fps like other console sets and is at 50 fps. Supported sets are 640x480, and that is how they were recorded at using full screen (no window mode).
  9. yep, but atm we have no organization. Plenty of unnecessary duping going on, and we are lacking consistancy. Hoping once Circo gets personal things him or someone else can take charge of this so we can all have a set. It's not exactly a weekend project, over 2000 titles in it. Both of our work is in the Work in progress directory on FTP.
  10. ^^^ you are getting boxes because the internal recoder does not scale when your emulator changes resolutions. You are being lazy and not cropping that out. Or stubborn and not at least trying the Fraps approach I suggested, as there is no scaling issues. Everything comes out a perfect 4:3. Besides, circo said no pixel letterboxes, it's tacky. I also dont get your settings. 2000 KB/s video bitrate with 160 bit audio? Mame cabinets running any arcadevga or 2 year old video card will not be able to run those. FLV is also a non-friendly format for someone to edit to take out those boxes and use more realistic settings. Bluray .mkv rips dont even use that high of a bitrate.
  11. Your 3rd batch still has large black areas that you are not cropping out.
  12. i think it took me 3 days for him to get around to my account. i have been idling here all day working on files, and havent seen circo logon yet today. send him another PM

  13. In the Project Discussion forum Circo did a great writeup http://emumovies.com/forums/index.php?/topic/31-video-snap-creation-guide/
  14. Try checking with http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com . It's working for me. Possibly a 3rd party app blocking ips like Malwarebytes scanner I have that problem
  15. k. I'll post both versions. If you happen to know of any video recorders looking for a project send em this way
  16. My process for Amiga files for future people picking up on project: At current time, WinUAE's internal recorder will not register screen resolution changes from hi to low. An external capturer, such as Fraps, will give you perfect full resolution into your videos. Some people recommend 720x576 resolution, but for purposes of these videos, 640x480 32bit color will let your card do the math to give you crisp vibrant graphics instead of putting an additional step for resizing and adding software filter artifacts. Using the internal recorder will give you unsightly pixel letterboxes, if you leave them in for a virtual dub crop you will be left with a muddy video after stretching. Another issue I have noticed when using the internal recorder is screen elements do not line up. You may find wide gaps on the left and right portions of the screen, while say a score graphic on the lower fills the entire width. Fraps will record the video proportions of all elements correctly. Internal recorder (this has also had the lower letterbox removed, Notice the loss of detail on the scorebox. overall picture is blurry, and colors dulled after stretch) Fraps -- no post editing, cropping, resizing needed. In Vdub I have been aiming for around 2000 frames or 40 seconds at 640x480 res. For the time I just use a lossless codec like TechSmith Screen Capture or the Fraps codec for fast saves. Just dealing with editing here, all my encoding gets done in a batch. I then run them through a batch process in Format Factory for Xvid with 30 FPS conversion. No to two passes. I found that 2 passes actually increases the size by nearly double. Both of these factors will yield you between a 3-7 meg avi vs 15 meg if you use full 50 frames. Be considerate to others and produce a master .avi file first. If you make a .flv file, these cannot be directly edited in Virtual dub, must be washed through a batch encoder (which is very time consuming because you start dealing with gigabyte files) and lowers the quality of the video / adds artifacts. After creating this set I run the AVI Gain EmuMovies Custom inside this dir to normalize audio. This biggest time saver I found is working with a txt directory file for fast copy/past to rename Fraps videos as they pop out. Everything else down the chain will use the name automatically. A dos command of "dir /b > roms.txt" will create this file. Just streamline and do batches, it wastes too much time processing each file as it comes. With this workflow I can average around 50 videos an hour.
  17. I'm not exactly sure, haven't gotten to managing that system yet myself. I think Gamebase will act as a disks manager, and to talk to your FE you need a wrapper. The pro in the field to ask about that is Headkase, he writes pretty much all the wrappers for emulators.
  18. You like Commodore? Hay .. I like Commodore too !
  19. I made a sample of Toki, compare it against yours. You have large letter boxes on the bottom, left and right. Regardless. Also if you are going to rely on stretching in vdub filters, aren't you going to be adding smudged graphics? I'm not getting letterboxes using fraps and getting full screen res. Also on the list how do you want to work out all those dupes? I'm going off the same filter as you in WHDLoad, and as I go along have just been deleting the rows that don't show up otherwise (like a previous game version, etc)
  20. For this system since it changes res modes from low to high, and the built in recorder (including latest beta) goes off the beginning resolution. Even by changing to full screen mode, and the video scales to fill the screen; the videos are coming out with that large letterbox on the bottom. I would recommend using Fraps or another screen recorder so the 640x480 resizes come out fine. Unless you can think of another way around that, any games I come across as I work up from Z that is in that bad proportion I will be redoing.
  21. blazer: I noticed in Espontaneo's dir he has a bunch too. Are you redoing them for quality purposes or just working around his? Could you throw a directory list of the roms onto a google live spreadsheet so they can be checked off, the way Hyperspin did for the theme renaming project. Something I had noticed when tweaking my emulator is the wonky video settings. And have noticed this on some of the video sets. By default the video rezing is turned off in Filter. If you use Null filter and auto it will stretch the video to the 4:3 ratio when changing interlace modes. Otherwise these videos are turning out with a large letterbox on the bottom part of the screen. If you can assign me a batch I'll get cracking on it.
  22. What would be the possibility of cooperating with http://recordedamigagames.ath.cx ? Snipping a segment of their longplays? They have over 600 titles done already.
  23. Is there a team working on this or blazer going solo? I have been getting into this system very much the last couple of weeks and would really love to see Amiga movies developed. There are well over 5000 games on Gamebase and I think WHD has around 2000 listed. If you would be interested in coordinating a team with setting specifications I would be willing to help knock them out. I noticed you had the game pan into the title screen on Mr. Driller. Very nice.
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