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Hello everyone!

Big Update!

And that's just the beginning ! ūüôā

The post will be updated regularly, feel free to take a look on the channel for any uploads,


Some details:

*The big AA titles are systematically available in 2 languages FR and English

and sometimes even in Spanish !

(I am the only one on the net to offer the themes in both languages)

*Most are in 2K 1440p 60 h 24
I recently upgraded to 4k


*I animated everything by hand via after effects or wall e for 95% of the Themes
Certain Themes are assembled and edited in order to offer a dynamic and impactful rendering.




List of Game Themes :

81 Games Themes actually






Banishers  (4k)

Evil Within 2

GoldOrack FR

Just Cause 4 reloaded ( fr )

Ori 2

God of war ( fr)

Elden ring

Dying Light 2

Resident evil 2 remake

Resident Evil 3 remake

The last of us ( fr)

tekken 8 (4k)

*Armored core IV  fire of rubicon

*Alan Wake 2

*Calisto Protocol


*Cuphead 2

*Call of Duty  MW2

*Cyberpunk 2077

*Dead Space remake

*Diablo IV


A plague tale innocence (fr version available in english on demand)

*A plague tale Requiem

*Alan Wake  remastered

*Alex Kid

*Assassin's creed Vahalla ( dispo e nfr sur demande)


*Blazing Chrome


*COD Black op3

*Chrono Cross

*Command and conquer remastered


*Cyber Shadow

*Cyberpunk alternative English ( dispo en fr sur demande)

*Deus ex

*Diablo 2 Resurected

*Dying Light 2

*Eyiuden Chronicles

*Evil Within 2

*Final Vendetta

*Forspoken ( english) dispo en fr sur demande


*Guilty Gear Strive

*Planet of Lana

*Windjammer 2

*Mega Man Zero Collection


*Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

*Forza 5

*Kena Spirit of Bridge

*FiNAL FANTASY 7 Rebirth ( Cloud version)

*FiNAL FANTASY 7 Rebirth (Sephiroth version)

*GTA Vice city Definitve

*Horizon Zero Dawn

*Ghost and Goblins Remake

*GHostRunner 2

*King of Fighter XV

*High on life


*Megaman Zero X Collection

*Mortal Kombat 10

*Mortal Kombat 11

*Nedd for Speed Unbound

*Need For Spedd Heat

*Planet of Lana

*Resident Evil 4 Remake

*Red Dead Redemption 2


*Star Wars Jedi Orders

 Marvel Spiderman Remastered

*Sonic Supertsars

*Street Fighter 6



*TMNT Revenge of Shredders + EXTENSION

*Tales of Arises

*Windjammer 2


The Channel : http://www.youtube.com/c/PademoniumCinematics

For support all my project and more content : 








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Bonjour, je n’arrive pas à télécharger . J’ai une page avec un message XML à chaque fois.

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Chelou ! Va  sur la page principale en haut à droite : tu as tout les thémes à dispo en download

il y a plus de 500 download déjà effectué :je pense que ça doit déconner quelque pars chez toi!

H√©site pas si besoin ! ūüėČ

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