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ABeezy's Sony Playstation 2 Disc Fronts


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ABeezy's Sony Playstation 2 Disc Fronts

Back to share the complimentary set of PS2 high res disc art that goes hand-in-hand with my 2.5D box art!


To my knowledge there is not a complete set of PS2 NTSC disc art out there so I am here to share mine! This set yet again like the majority of my sets includes high resolution  and uniformity. This set was complied from a very nice full high res scan set. This set will be part of a uniform series with more platforms to come that use the same exact DVD style template along with same size dimensions and high resolution artwork. This set like all of my sets includes a uniform "Playstation 2" banner when scrolling through your games for nice uniformity. This is all 1,790 released NTSC PS2 games following the no-intro naming scheme. When dropping these in your Launchbox build there may be a few boxes that do not autoload due to the name differences between how Launchbox scrapes the games and what no-intro names them. Therefore you may have to manually update a few images to your liking or use an alternate name within Launchbox itself. Also contained within this set are two sub folders. One folder contains 14 discs that received special edition releases and the other folder contains all the games that had a second disc (not including many of the bonus sound track or dvd movies). This should cover anything but as always if anyone notices any errors please let me know. Enjoy!

Godfather, The - The Game (USA).png

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You probably missed it but after me and Robin55 merged ur PS2 cover work that is shared here I uploaded a set of 1817 NTSC discs to the emumovies FTP in 2020 resolution is 1350X1350 but I never had taken the time to do it correctly the images are not perfect on the templates it's still good for what I needed I was a bit tired of waiting and wanted to complete my PS2 set so I made mine and shared it back then :-)

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I was going to suggest that if you needed any that were missing you could check out my evilbadman.com site, but judging by artifacts on the images it was where these were originally sourced.  I spent hundreds of hours and the better part of the summer of 2017 scanning the discs and covers of my personal complete US Playstation 2 collection.  I never had the time to get around to straightening/auto-color cleaning them up, though.  Luckily emumovies can monetize my efforts.  I'm working on scanning all the PS2 manuals now, so that's something else someone else can take credit for down the road.

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