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Question: FLV videos will be discontinued with HS 2.0


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When I logged into the FTP today, I saw this notice:


I don't visit the forum regularly, so I'm guessing I've missed something, and I haven't been able to find anything by searching.

I'm trying to figure out what this is all about. I took it to mean that Hyperspin 2.0 won't support FLV files, but when I looked at Hyperspin's website, that didn't seem to be the case:


So I'm trying to figure out what else this notice could mean. Could somebody elaborate for me?

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Our new MP4 format is higher quality and smaller size compared to flv's.

Currently around 50% size difference and about 66% at exact same quality levels. The decision was made about 5 months ago to fully go forward with the new format and discontinue AVI and FLV support. Although we have a converter to switch from our base MP4 sets to AVI and FLV sets for those who will still need them.

As it sits currently HyperSpin 2.0 will remove FLV support as will we, but that could change though EmuMovies will be dropping the format entirely at some point in 2012.

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I am looking forward to see those updates. I think that will make so much of a difference when running hyperspin. In addition to the reduced file size on the hard disk will help me since the cost of hard drives are so much higher now than then were just 8 months ago.

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