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Fuzzy Name Matching: Outdated No-Intro names?



Hi. After doing some googling and searching the forums it seems that the naming convention used by emu sync is No-Intro with some fuzzy name matching logic. I am running some of the newer no intro sets (2020+) and it seems names may have changed. I am not sure how often names get updated on the EmuMovies end, but in case there is some updating coming up I have attached all the missing files for my entire set (attached) in hopes they may be of some use.

I did spot check a couple from the SNK NeoGeo Pocket Color and cross referenced with an FTP downloaded set:

Example 1
No-Intro ROM Name: Baseball Stars Color - Pocket Sports Series (World) (En,Ja).zip
EmuMovies Box Front that should match: Baseball Stars Color (World) (En,Ja).png

Example 2
No-Intro ROM Name: Neo Cherry Master Color - Pocket Casino Series (World) (En,Ja).zip
EmuMovies Box Front that should match: Neo Cherry Master Color - Real Casino Series (World) (En,Ja).png

How often are these names updated? I am sure its a case of continuously moving goal posts.

Thanks so much!


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Thank you for this, yes its a case of continually moving goals but when we make adjustments we just add the changes so old sets still work. We should be back to another round of audits next week and I'll submit this list to the elves.


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