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Ashurax Hzt work modified


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Ashurax Hzt work modified

Based on Ashurax Hzt  work, from the unified bezel, i made some modifications after Bezel project put me an ugly bezel for this marvelous game. This bezel is made with different layers, one for background, one for top layer, one for screend and the last for the title. There is two view, if you don't like to have the title masking score.

I tried to be the most accuracy possible, i calculated each time to adjust parts to have the best renderer possible. I empty a part of the leg and feet of captain commando to have a translucid effect... to have the kick but without masking element when you play and redrawed pixel by pixel to be the most accuracy possible, i hope it will ok.

I found that the Ashura bezel is great, and did this bezel for me befor all of things, then i say to myself it will painful if nobody could profit of that, i hope it's not a problem.


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