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Art downloads via Launch Box more complete than EmuMovies Sync tool, but really slow



Couple questions -

Downloading Art via Launchbox/BigBox, is it normal for it to take over 24 hours, or even 72 hours?

The first time I downloaded it ( a few days ago), it took over 48 hours without video files.  I ended up trashing that install and started over.  The second time I used EmuMovies Sync and it was super quick, but missing lots of Art.

It's cool how it puts txt files listing have and have not.  Is there anything I can do with those text files?  I re-ran EmuMovies Sync a couple times hoping it would find the stuff it missed (like cabinet art for 1942), but same result.

Looking at the old Art folder from launchbox, whichs downloads from EmuMovies, it has the cabinet art for 1942.

Why the difference, and how do I fix?

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Submit a support ticket with your missing lists, that would be super helpful.  Launchbox Sync integration is solid but it's known for being slow.

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