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john kalymnios

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Yes.  I use Batocera as my emulation machine.  I originally started with a Raspberry Pi3 and then got a PC that I installed Batocera on.  It is fairly easy to set up.  I will use the Atari 7800 as an example.

Based on your question, I assume you already know how to add zipped ROM files to Batocera.  I am using a Windows machine to communicate with my Batocera PC.  Go to the "roms" directory and open the "atari7800" folder, where you would place the zipped Atari 7800 roms.  Copy the attached "gamelist.xml" file to the "atari7800" directory - this file tells Batocera which boxart and videos to display.  Next, create a "media" folder in the "atari7800" folder.  In this "media" folder, create three folders - "images", "marquee", and "videos".  I have attached "images.zip" below - extract these files into the images folder.  Be sure the zipped roms match the names of the images exactly or they will not show up.  Next, download the 7800 videos from emumovies and place them in the "videos" folder.  Once again, be sure the video names match the names of the images exactly or they will not play - the upper and lower cases of the names must match.  I have my Batocera set up so it displays three rows of three games on the screen at a time. 

Another thing I do is have a border when I play the game.  To get this to show up, go to the "decorations" folder and create a folder called "mybezels".  In that folder, create two folders named "games" and "systems".  Take the "atari7800.png" and "atari7800.info" files attached below and place them in the "systems" folder.  You'll have to go to the main menu in Batocera and select the "mybezels" folder in the Decorations options.

Feel free to ask me any questions if you need help with this.  I have all my systems setup this way and the menus look great!  I hope this helps you guys!


gamelist.xml images.zip atari7800.info

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So I just realized I didn't explain why you should make a "games" folder in the "mybezels" folder.  Let me use the Atari Lynx as an example.  So this is pretty awesome - certain games  on the Atari Lynx are played vertically and not horizontally.  The "games" folder applies bezels for individual games.  So for the Lynx, you would create a "lynx" folder in the "games" folder and then place the attached files in that folder.  Also take the attached "lynx.png" and "lynx.info" files and place them in the "systems" folder.  So now, whenever you open an Atari Lynx game, it will look like you are playing it on a handheld!  The other really cool thing I have done with this, is that some of the vertical games are rotated left and some are rotated right - these bezels automatically flip the correct way!  How cool is that? 


lynx.info mybezels.zip

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