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Atari Jaguar CD Game Manuals Pack (FE Optimized)


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Atari Jaguar CD Game Manuals Pack (FE Optimized)

Version 2.0 is an all new higher quality pack with 3 more game manuals and the rest at higher quality. This pack is also optimized for use in front-ends with standard full screen views and resized pages. 

EmuMovies Official Game Manuals pack for the Atari Jaguar CD

Optimized for Front-Ends

Availability - Site, FTP, Sync

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    Available: Yes
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    /Official/Game Manuals/Atari Jaguar CD


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Optimized for Front-Ends

Improved Quality

Added / Updated 17 game manuals:

  • Baldies (USA).pdf
  • Battle Morph (USA).pdf
  • Blue Lightning (USA).pdf
  • BrainDead 13 (USA).pdf
  • Dragon's Lair (USA).pdf
  • G.O.R.F. Classic (USA) (Unl).pdf
  • Highlander - The Last of the MacLeods (USA).pdf
  • Hover Strike - Unconquered Lands (USA).pdf
  • Iron Soldier 2 (USA).pdf
  • Myst (USA).pdf
  • Myst (USA) (Demo).pdf
  • Myst (USA) (Hintbook).pdf
  • Myst (USA) (The Journal of Myst).pdf
  • Primal Rage (USA).pdf
  • Space Ace (USA).pdf
  • Vid Grid (USA).pdf
  • World Tour Racing (USA).pdf



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