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[Req Filled] One more to request Sega Model 2 videos 1.0


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The emulator has been updated to 1.0 in the end of 2010.

This new version supports games like virtual fighter 2. Since 0.9 did not supported that there was no video snaps for that back them.

So, as I can see here in this forum, I'm not the only one. Please update the 20~ videos or so missing.

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Nops, only minor fix.

Here's the changelog:

Model 2 emulator 1.0

Finally the 1.0 version :).

- Finally fixed VF2 hair problems, now all graphics are correct.

- Added LUA script support for options, cheats and other uses (check model2lua.txt in SCRIPTS folder)

- Added texture replacement support (check model2lua.txt in SCRIPTS folder)

- Added widescreen support (needs per-game lua scripts to know when to enable it). Requires a wide fullscreen resolution or WideScreenWindow set in emulator.ini

- Fixed texture border detection for textures that caused wrong colors & pixelation on borders

- Simplified pixel shaders (half the texture fetches)

- Improved House of the dead FM sound

- Fixed VF2 wrong sound speeds

- Fixed background distortion on Dural stage in VF2

- Added STCC Euro

- Added Sonic the fighters.

- Fixed Virtual On missing background color on title screen

- Rewritten SCSP code for improved accuracy

- Fixed ATI video card gfx problems

- Fixed audio stuttering on some windows 7 machines

- Added Sega Rally Championship rev B

Model 2 Emulator v1.0. This package includes both the normal and MultiCPU versions exes.

In 0.9 there were only 28 games playable now all the 56 games play fine :)

So we are missing the other half, 28 videos.

By the way, the game format name is different too.

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28 new playable games???

Where did you get that from? Pretty much all games played fine on 0.9, I'm sure the only new playable games (only 3 I think) on v1.0 are clones which probably don't even need a new video apart from the title screen.

Seems there are a few videos missing on the ftp though, I know there was a vf2 video there somewhere so you should check this Circo I'm sure more than 28 videos were done before.

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Game list:

bel.zip 26.06 MB

dayton93.zip 2.69 MB

daytona.zip 14.00 MB

daytonagtx.zip 9.30 MB

daytonam.zip 109.70 kB

daytonas.zip 590.26 kB

daytonat.zip 98.44 kB

desert.zip 8.15 MB

doa.zip 28.92 MB

doaa.zip 322.28 kB

dynabb.zip 21.58 MB

dynamcop.zip 32.98 MB

dyndek2b.zip 352.82 kB

dyndeka2.zip 337.88 kB

dynmcopb.zip 352.87 kB

dynmcopc.zip 347.67 kB

fvipers.zip 16.83 MB

gunblade.zip 16.20 MB

hotd.zip 28.30 MB

indy500.zip 14.04 MB

indy500d.zip 367.12 kB

lastbrnj.zip 361.57 kB

lastbrnx.zip 15.31 MB

manxtt.zip 14.32 MB

model2.zip 424.96 kB

motoraid.zip 30.75 MB

overrev.zip 13.49 MB

pltkids.zip 35.58 MB

pltkidsa.zip 284.26 kB

rchase2.zip 13.33 MB

schamp.zip 17.47 MB

segawski.zip 28.32 MB

sgt24h.zip 10.02 MB

skisuprg.zip 16.70 MB

skytargt.zip 21.50 MB

srallyc.zip 16.06 MB

srallycb.zip 401.03 kB

srallyp.zip 400.88 kB

stcc.zip 22.96 MB

stcce.zip 315.27 kB

topskatr.zip 39.47 MB

topskatu.zip 317.05 kB

vcop.zip 8.68 MB

vcop2.zip 13.68 MB

vf2.zip 18.60 MB

vf2a.zip 191.37 kB

vf2b.zip 197.19 kB

vf2o.zip 191.25 kB

von.zip 25.83 MB

vonj.zip 323.06 kB

vstriker.zip 9.53 MB

vstrikro.zip 318.34 kB

waverunr.zip 15.09 MB

zerogun.zip 14.19 MB

zeroguna.zip 218.66 kB

zerogunj.zip 218.83 kB

There are a few clones but not much.

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New games added:

- Sega Rally Championship rev B (Clone of Sega Rally Championship rev C)

- Sega Touring Car Championship Euro (Clone of Sega Touring Car Championship rev A I think)

- Sonic the fighters (Clone of Sonic Championship)

Everything else was already on v0.9, there have been some fixes of course, but the games were already playable even if some had some small glitches.

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