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Sega Genesis Carts (USA)


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Sega Genesis Carts (USA)

This pack is taken from the amazing Wally Wonka's carts found on the Hyperspin forums and like the 3D box art for Genesis it has all content released in USA, including official, unlicensed, protos and compilations. World unlicensed games like Xeno Crisis and others aren't included and will have their own pack later, some extra carts were made to fill in the new additions.

It includes 22 titles released on the Sega Channel service, which are exclusives, even some undumped and titles that were only available physically in Europe and Japan. These will use the Sega Channel adapter as artwork, since it's what stored the downloaded game.

Early prototypes which are mostly broken/incomplete weren't considered, while the most complete ones were already tested and added on previous efforts.

Availability: Site, FTP & Sync

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I don't, maybe you'll have more luck finding them on Segaretro.org. This pack was 90% based on WallyWonka's work, maybe ask him?

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