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DVD Movie theme Pack is back!!

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Hello all, after searching Google for days on end looking for this movie themes pack for Hyperspin movies wheel, I slowly learned it had been removed from Hyperspin ftp, accidentally lost or removed from Emumovies ftp and there was a torrent that went dead a long time ago, All I could find was a whole bunch of people looking for it and posting asking for it with no response. A lot of the requests were in Threads that were titled "help me find a file" etc, that didn't garner enough attention to find the few people that had it still from the downloads two years ago, so a week ago I started a thread offering a 20$ bounty for anyone willing to come forward and re-upload it here...and it worked!

This movie pack was 120 themes, and for a very short time it was updated to 194 a year later, and now with Chazman's add ins it's 214!

It is currently on the Emumovies FTP under Upload here (you can't miss it)

It will hopefully be there now for years to come for all of us to enjoy, and for those looking for a great movie pack

And the wonderful work on these By Aabra and Chazman and all the hours put in to make them, in my opinion that is worth paying for emumovies FTP access just for these

Credit goes to Aabra for making the majority of these and Chazman for adding some, compiling and reuploading (THESE ARE NOT MINE!)

Thanks a whole bunch to Aabra for his great work on these, Chazman for his themes and uploading, and Circo for giving the green light to reupload these here, Our collective effort = Everybody wins!



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4 months later.............................I have been building Hyperspin and custom movie themes for months now, I now have 393 movie themes total for a complete theme library for arguably every great movie made ever, contact me or post in this thread if interested...these will not be available to the masses

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