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Now I,m doing all videos of OpenBor.They,ll be very soon.


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I'm uploading the openbor vids I already did to my wip folder, it was about a year ago so I am not sure what has changed. In total I did 16 videos.

Art of Fighting - Beats of Rage Remix III

Code Name - Sailor V

CrimeBuster v2.5

Denjin Makai ZERO

Double Dragon Gaiden

Double Dragon SNK

Double Dragon Zero

Garou - Rage of the Wolves

Hyper Final Fight 2

Hyper Final Fight 3 - Return of the Black

Hyper Final Fight


Knights & Dragons - Final Cut

Marvel Super Heroes

Splatterhouse - Deception of the Mask

Splatterhouse 2 - Journey Through Hell

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Circo I have done yet 62 videos when I have all I send you to encode.I,ll have done all in a couple days.


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OK, if you would like me to get a head start on the edits and encoding feel free to upload what you have done and I'll get on em

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Circo, Raiv3r did a bunch of OpenBOR videos some weeks ago, you got those right? Those plus the ones Akiles did/is doing will get you a complete video set for all OpenBOR games available at the official site (and a few extra ones).

On another note do you have Denjin Makai ZERO? This game seems that it's not available anymore anywhere and I was looking for it , please lmk if you have it.

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Thanks for the heads up brolly, there have honestly been so many submissions being submitted lately that I am just having a crazy time keeping track. I am grabbing his now and will get them processed asap and hopefully avoid as much double work as possible.

I am attaching my pak file for Denjin Makai Zero as well for you

Denjin Makai ZERO.zip

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Thanks for the game!

Having a hard time keeping track of all the submissions is only a good thing, means that there's a lot of work being done :)

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Here is the current done list:

A Tale of Vengeance.avi

Art of Fighting - Beats of Rage Remix III.avi

Asterix and Caesars Challenge.avi

Balance of Power.avi

Bare Knuckle VACUUM.avi

Battle Toads.avi

Beats of Rage Remix - Rhythm of Destruction.avi

Beats of Rage.avi

Captain Commando and the Avengers.avi

Chrono Killer.avi

Code Name - Sailor V.avi

Contra - Locked 'N Loaded.avi

Crime Buster.avi

Dante Must Kill.avi

Denjin Makai ZERO.avi

Double Dragon Extreme.avi

Double Dragon Gaiden.avi

Double Dragon Genesis Final Cut.avi

Double Dragon SNK Final Edition.avi

Double Dragon Zero.avi

Ed Edd n Eddy - Nightmare on Ed Street.avi

Fatal Fury ReBout.avi

Final Fight - Last Round.avi

Final Fight Apocalypse - 2nd Edition.avi

Fists of Legendary Heroes.avi

Garou - Rage of the Wolves.avi

Golden Axe Myth.avi

Golden Axe Remake.avi

Guilty Gear - The Crusades.avi

Hatchet Ninjaz.avi

Hyper Final Fight 2.avi

Hyper Final Fight 3 - Return of the Black.avi

Hyper Final Fight.avi


Joe and Mac - Caveman Ninja.avi

Knights & Dragons - Final Cut.avi


Marvel Super Heroes.avi

Mega Sonic.avi

MegaMan - War of the Past.avi

MegaMan - Xtreme Legend.avi

Mortal Kombat Outworld Assassins.avi

Mortal Kombat Unlimited.avi

Rage of the Streets.avi

Return of the Double Dragon.avi

Shiva & Lisa 3.avi

Skull Kings Remake.avi

Splatterhouse - Deception of the Mask.avi

Splatterhouse 1 - Deception of the Mask.avi

Splatterhouse 2 - Journey Through Hell.avi

Splatterhouse 3 - Back to Light.avi

Street Fighter - Beats of Rage Remix II.avi

Strider X.avi

Super Fightin' Spirit.avi

Valdivia City Ransom.avi


I have cropped, resized, added transitions, all that good stuff and these are final. Raiv3r did a fine job and I used his for the most part to replace the ones I had done. One video that was in the folder (Night Slashers X) was actually a bad video so that one isn't included. I am not overly familiar with openBOR so I will depend on you guys to tell me when its done. But I imagine with AKILES submissions we will just about be there hopefully.

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