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Should I pre-download HQ videos or wait?


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Hey everyone, brand new to the forums (1st post actually). Just purchased lifetime sub for EmuMovies and Launchbox Premium (for BigBox). I'll be setting up a new machine in a couple of days (when it arrives). I know when importing roms you can have LB automatically download videos from EM. My problem is that I have an extremely slow internet connection. Download at around 400-500kbps. I was thinking it might be a good idea for me to pre-download as many HQ video snaps packs in the next two days as I can before my system arrives. What do you guys think?  Would it be a lot of trouble to use the snaps packs that I download? Should I just let LB do it automatically? Thanks for the help.

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Try using the EmuMovies Sync utility, it matches your roms and downloads the media to match, you can take that media and plug it all into Launchbox and it will work perfectly.  And it's much faster 🙂 

Launchbox will read media with its database naming or exact match to rom naming.  I haven't used launchboxes scaper to set up a system other than testing.

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