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Arcade Cabinet For Sale


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Custom Built Two Player Cabinet with Marquee Monitor


Each player has a magstick plus, and 7 Electric Ice buttons. The control panel also has a Turbo Twist 2 Spinner, an Electric Ice T trackball, an Ultrastik 360 ,lighted buttons for 1P and 2P Coin / Start buttons, left / right lighted flipper buttons for pinball, plus 5 lighted 'Admin' buttons.

2 minutes after I took the video, I took the computer out of the cab, put it in a case, and voila' instant HTPC.

So the cabinet is for sale, along with the original drive that holds all of the setup information. I will be asking $2500 USD but will entertain reasonable offers, keep in mind that the CP components alone were more than $1000.

Very similar to Invincer's cab from Dream Authentics (DA cab didn't have a marquee monitor) in this thread. http://www.gameex.in...authentics&st=0

$750 upgrade, just for the lighted buttons. The Computer was so crappy that he replaced it. $6350 total cost. Somebody could put $1000 in sideart, and a computer, and have a nice cab for $3500.

History (Why is it for sale)

I spent a good deal of time on it, but mostly on the software. I had profiles for each emu to work with a game pad (there is a usb hub under the CP), and I created custom images for each emu that would display when the emu was launched that would show the controls on the secondary monitor. I used CFG Magician to create custom Mame cfg files so that various type of games would be mapped to suit my CP, and also light correctly. I was running GameEx along Marquee Magician to display images on the secondary monitor, Plugin LCD to light the correct buttons for each Mame game / Emu with the correct Mame game / Emu controller colors, and CPWizard which would display the CP image with the correct colors / labels for each Mame game / Emu controller. Finally, I used PlugInUltraStik that would switch the Ultra Stick 360 to the correct mode for each selected game - Analog, diagonal 4-way, etc for games that wouldn't be played with an 4/8 way joystick.

IOW - If I chose a game to play in Mame (let's say Ajax) the right 3 buttons on the bottom for each player would light red, orange, blue, and an image of the CP would be shown with the correct buttons to be used shown in red, orange, blue along with the correct labels for each button - Machine Gun, Missle, Super Weapon

My raid5 crashed, and left me with virtually no data. Fortunately all of the setup is on a separate drive, so basically just add your own computer, emulators, roms, and everything SHOULD be good to go. It took very little effort on my part to get Mame going again, and I would suspect that emulators that I had setup previously would be just as simple. All of the emulators have a custom CPanel image for each of them similar to what you see in Mame except with an overlay of a Gamepad on the image, and Logitec profiler has been setup to map the games to the control panel on the Main CP, as well as Gamepads. The hard drive would include Mame all setup as shown in the video.

My hobby was always getting everything to work together in unison, I rarely played games. So when the hard drive crashed, I saw no point in collecting all of the roms and emulators again.

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