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A few requests

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Hi im new at emumovies.com, im using hyperspin as a front-end and now im trying to complete my vids sets. This is the cabinet in which im working on: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12256

Today i have been looking in the emumovies ftp and im missing some vids, could you help me with them? I dont know if someone is woriking on this, but here are my requests:

- ScummVM system vid

- Alternative PC Games System vid, without intro and games for windows logo, only gameplays of arcade games (street fighter 4, outrun 2006, hotd3... (no halo and more console-like games) ?

- PC games: House of the dead 3, Crazy power disc perfect, shank (no trailer), virtua tennis 3, zeit 2

- Gamecube: Soul calibur 2, viewtiful joe, viewtiful joe 2

- Gamecube System vid

- Visual pinball system vid

Thank you!

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These have basically all been added

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