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Super Slow Downloads for NeoGeo

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UPDATE: Was issue on my end, please disregard.

Kinda new to premium account, but been using EM the past couple days to help re-do my gaming front-end Launchbox. Been going fairly smooth until I started with the NeoGeo. It has been running all day with only 154 games. Other platforms would take less than an hour with a similar amount of games.

It is downloading, but crawling.

I've tried shutting down LB, checked internet speed, started it where it had left off with same results.

It should be finished soon, but thought I would post in case there is a issue on the server side.

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Launchbox is the slowest of our sync partners primarily due to the fact that it doesn't have multi threaded downloads.  But the end result is worth the wait.

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Well, couple that with I am also one of the folks using a mobile carrier for ISP that's blocking with their NAT and having to use a VPN isn't helping me either...lol.

And you are so right, it is well worth the wait from what I have gotten so far. I have a 20,000+ game catalog, that is being moved to a new raid system and figured I would make it prettier with your great folks services, so I will be busy a while on this project.

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