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Hello everyone, I am a beginner and I apologize if my doubts are already resolved in another forum or is not the right place. well I'm going to the point ... I downloaded the videos of MAME with the Emumovies Sync the folder Video_MP4 that I have placed in my folder hyperSpin-> Media -> MAME-> Video (I think I would go there) and then I downloaded the Video_Database_MP4 that I do not have No idea where to put it to work ...
The Emumovies Sync program is great but it could explain where each folder that you download goes, especially for the people who start it would go very well.

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@MartyMcFly For Hyperspin have you tried using their built in utility HyperSync?  The only thing you will want from here is regular video snap sets which their app accesses our API for.  Artwork, themes etc are all specially formatted on their end.  On EM sync you probably just want MP4_Hi Qual, the plain MP4 is the lower quality vids.

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