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Atari Jaguar Video Set


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I am using project tempest to make a new Jaguar HQ 480p set. Expect a lot of error videos. I am basing the set solely off of PT since Mess and Virtual Jaguar both suck, not that project tempest doesn't suck but it sucks the least. Why oh why has no progress been made on the emulation of this system since 2004??? Anyway, I hope to get the set out today and that's another one I can check off of the list. I am doing away with the previous sets and this will be the final...at least until MESS gets it right. If the emulation improves I will definitely revisit it.

Keep in mind when you finally see the set there are error vids for games that WILL load into a title screen, however they are either completely unplayable, have massive graphical glitches, or crash the emulator when you get in game.

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I just finished the captures, ended up with 28 "Playable" videos and 26 Game not playable videos. Now the editing begins.

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