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Help Needed for The MAME Game Rating Project


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EmuMovies member jhabers has started a community project to get MAME games rated for use in HyperSpin 2.0

"I have started a community project to get the MAME games rated in anticipation of the release of HS 2.on Hyperspin. I am sure that this list could be used by other FE's if they want to incorporate it.

Once we get the initial set rated it will be easy for me to maintain from here on out.

We will be going under the assumption for now that all clones will have the same rating as their parent

We will be using the AAMA rating system for MAME.

AAMA started in 1988 so all games 1988 or later will have an AAMA rating. Games prior to 1988 will not

For games prior to 1988 you will need to guess what the AAMA rating would be. For 1988 on please find the real AAMA rating for the game. if you have problems finding it please ask for help here in this thread. We want this list to be as accurate as possible.

I will be compiling this list in a catver.ini file format


game123=Green (Suitable For All Ages)

The ratings that will be used are as follows:

Green (Suitable For All Ages)

Yellow (Animated Violence Mild)

Yellow (Life Like Violence Mild)

Yellow (Sexual Content Mild)

Yellow (Language Mild)

Red (Animated Violence Strong)

Red (Life Like Violence Strong)

Red (Sexual Content Strong)

Red (Language Strong) "

See the full post HERE for details

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