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New Neo Geo Pocket Color Video Set


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I've just created and uploaded a complete set of Neo Geo Pocket Color Videos. (40 videos)


  • 30 seconds gameplay + 10 seconds title with crossfades
  • Normalized audio
  • 60 fps
  • FLV 160x152 (original resolution)
  • FLV 320x304 (scaled 2x for those who wants that)
  • AVI Lossless TSCC (for those who want to encode to other formats)

These looks a LOT better than the old set and are about the same size.

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Blazer, I have increased the file size limit in the public downloads area to 500mb if you want to add it there too. Just an option, I will get around to it one of these days if not :)

Oh and +1 for great work, this is awesome thanks!

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Nice job on them, they seem like an improvement over the ones by Jochitko (not sure why they are not in his dir on the ftp).

I noticed I have vids for these games, but they are not in your folder:

Cool Cool Jam (USA, Europe) (Sample)

Wrestling Madness (USA, Europe) (Beta)

These are full games and fully playable.

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Circo, sure I'll upload the original rez flv's to the download area when I can be arsed...

djvj, I only made the published USA/Europe games, no samples or betas, that's why.

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