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Video Snaps not downloading (SNES, NES, N64, Genesis) v2.52

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I just started using this software and it has been great so far, I am having one issue and that is with all Video Snaps I am trying to download through it.  I'm unsure if its user error at this point as I've searched and read through the forums and I have not seen this issue/solution posted.  

  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • Emumovies sync v 2.52
  • lifetime member 

System - (Various) (N64, SNES, Genesis, NES)

Available media - ALL Artwork 


the software runs and does its job and downloads everything else perfectly,  however when I go into the snap folder it only has a PNG of the actual game and not a Mp4 or whatever video format is used.


How do I correct this? 






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I missed this, All Artwork is just artwork, because we have vids in different quality levels you grab those in sync seperately

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All good, I don't remember how I found the answer I think I opened a service ticket or something but I know I did search prior to posting but thanks for the follow up

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